Concerning Designz Syndicate

The word "teenager" crosses the threshold into the American vocabulary. On the spin of things, with all the peace and harmonization that live to tell the tale right through the 1950's, there were at a standstill a few aspects of a 'rebel' youth culture.

The first stage: marginalization denotating the social process of becoming or else being made marginal (not the main point, especially as a group within the larger society). Stuck between the generations of new postwar families and their boom of babies was a generation of teenagers. Teens were marginalized because of the adults, who did not want to be thrown off balance with the extremely diametrically opposed moral codes of teenagers. Just around every corner there were a small amount of television shows premeditated for young children, not anything for teenagers, furthermore nothing worth mentioning on the radio with reference to teen way of life. 

Teenagers experience being left out, disregarded, disenfranchised. It follows that teens started to have the sense of hearing music about their world — songs with reference to high school sweethearts, uncultivated parties along with fast cars, sung by way of other teens.  They were starving for some acknowledgment of their generation, some validation, and when it came, they embraced it.  Momentum started to build as this generation developed their own image and style, combined with the purchasing power of an increasingly influential demographic. 

Second phase: condemnation. With the increased teen presence came disapproval, as marginalization and indifference turned into active condemnation of teenagers by parents and local authorities. Teen dances were shut down, soul music (R & B) rhythm and blues, along with rock'n'roll records were banned, and students were expelled for a multitude of rule infractions. There have always been inter-family conflicts between parents and their adolescent children, but then again, this cultural division was larger. A significant proportion of the adult generation express disapproval of the values and lifestyle of the teens, and were doing something about it, including setting new rules, restrictions and prohibitions.

At this point in time, Culture! This word at irregular intervals mean a taste for the fine arts, music and other aesthetic matters. But then again, it has an immeasurably all-encompassing meaning, to be precise, the shared values, language and traditions that define a group of people. Culture is gain knowledge of as a child, besides as children we each become well-educated from those around us a set of guiding principle, beliefs, priorities and expectations that precast our world into a meaningful whole. That is our culture. It put in the picture to us what is forthright, foreseeable, ordinary and correct. It put in plain words the world for us. It furnishes meaning and purpose to our lives. Culture is the social context that determined mental framework in which we live. It is our worldview, our abstract perception of reality. Along these lines, Hip-hop has become the new culture people on every single end of the interaction of social and economic factors and cultural spectrum have impress upon their own narratives by means of participating in the culture.

From the time when it emergence at some stage in the 1970s as a social-political movement that was created as a culture to give people who grew up in the ghetto a voice, songs in Hip-hop are spoken from personal experience. Songs are as a matter of course admixed with other genres of music such as admixture of black rhythm and blues and white country music otherwise known as Rock and roll and classical (piano), or elsewise with record players and scratchers. Break Dancing in juxtaposition with Graffiti is also a part of Hip-hop to express the people apart of the cultures identities, Freestyling is also a major part of hip-hop in company with rap battles. The evolution of Hip-hop has been a truly multidimensional phenomenon. As an art form, Hip-hop’s journey has taken it from an expression of the embattled inner cities to be the branding symbol of popular culture worldwide, and in that time, it has undertaken some across-the-board changes. In advance of the 1990s and the arrival of “Hip-hop fashion brands” (many of which were instituted by some of the genre’s most primitive entrepreneurs), rappers laid the groundwork for what would become the present-day fetishization of branded fashion.

Designz Syndicate is an urban fashion company with a distinctive style of clothing inaugurated on the scene of South Central Los Angeles. In this fashion, Designz Syndicate manufactures a multidimensional of elements to its overall style seen within countries from all corners of the globe that contribute to our business at this moment in time. Designz Syndicate fashion harmonizes the expressions and attitudes of Hip-hop culture in the usual course of events. Seeing that, Hip-hop fashion has undergone transmogrification fundamentally for the duration of its history, and this day and age, Designz Syndicate, is a legendary part of popular fashion across the world and people increasingly forthcoming from all socioeconomic, ethnicities, and racial groups.

Designz Syndicate offers unproblematic essentials and iconic fashion favorites for men, women, teens, children, toddlers, and infants. Our fashion branch from the inner-city streets of Straight Outta South Central LA to HIGH-LEVEL fashion. Our designz are a straightforward aftermath of overflowing originality, and a judiciousness of individuality as of the 21st century Hip-hop culture street style. We are power-driven by necessary means of constituents of Hip-hop, on significant influence Straight Outta South Central LA dress styles of street criminals, gangsters, thugs, prison inmates, wannbes, and (GTI) Got Damn Individuals. It’s an acknowledgment and gesticulation of our high regard for the polish and consideration stick on to fashion from a generation that will for all time be the institution of Hip-Hop culture street style, but then again, stands out as clear characterization of “URBAN STREETWEAR”.